Kentland-Jefferson Twp. Public Library multi-use computers provide access to the Internet, Microsoft Office software, and the library’s online catalog.

The demand for use of the library’s computers may exceed the available supply. Therefore, it is necessary to manage computer access fairly and equitably so that all patrons will have an opportunity to use the resource. To ensure fair and equitable access, the library utilizes PC management software. With this software, it is necessary to enforce the following computer use rules:

In order to maximize the availability of the computers to all users, time limits will be imposed on the use of computer resources. An adult patron those 18 and older may have four 30 minute sessions for a total of 120 minutes if there are available computers. Juvenile patrons ages 10-17 may have two thirty minute sessions for a total of 60 minutes.  All patrons must wait four hours from logging out of the computer until they can log back on to the computer.

There are warning times of 10 and 3 minutes before the session ends. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the patron will automatically be logged off.

Please read these pop up alerts carefully.  Resetting of sessions is restricted.


The Kentland-Jefferson Twp. Public Library offers access to the Internet and therefore the library reserves the right at any time to monitor all use of the computers and the Internet. The Internet contains a wide variety of material and opinions from many points of view. Some sites accessible via the Internet may contain material that is inaccurate, defamatory, illegal, or potentially offensive to some people. Adult users are responsible for determining that the

information they access is suitable to their needs and that it conforms to established library policy.

Children and the Internet: Children ages 10 to 17 must read the Kentland-Jefferson Twp. Public Library’s Internet policy and at the same time have a parent or guardian read and sign the library’s Internet Use Agreement for minors to use the Internet or view materials on the Internet. Children under 10 years of age may only use the Internet in the presence of parent or guardian. Parents of minors should be aware of the existence of material which they might consider inappropriate for their children and should educate their children to be responsible Internet users. Even though an Internet filter is active on Internet workstations, parents should realize a filter is only partially effective and monitor their children’s use of the Internet. The Library staff cannot determine what a parent will consider appropriate for his/her child.

FILTERING: In offering Internet access, the library cannot control links and sites that often change rapidly and unpredictably. The Kentland-Jefferson Twp. Public Library utilizes filtering software on its public access computers to protect against visual depictions of obscenity, child pornography, and other materials harmful to minors. While the library attempts to prevent direct access to material that would not be generally acceptable in a public library, it is technically impossible to prevent access to all objectionable material. Again, parents, guardians, or care givers must assume responsibility for their children’s use of the Internet at the library.

Privacy/confidentiality: The library cannot guarantee the confidentiality of personal information transmitted over the Internet. Users should closely guard personal information, credit card numbers, passwords, and other types of authorizations when on the Internet. Parents should instruct their children NEVER to give out personal information (name, address, phone number) online.

Rules for Usage: Kentland-Jefferson Twp. Public Library has the right to set and enforce rules concerning the use of the Internet and to change those rules at any time, without notice. The user is expected to abide by the following rules:

1. Some material on the Internet is abusive, profane, sexually-oriented or illegal. Accessing these materials from library computers is inappropriate and prohibited. Examples of inappropriate conduct include but are not limited to:

  • use of the Internet for illegal purposes
  • use of the Internet to send or display sexually explicit or sexually suggestive materials
  • use of the Internet to send unsolicited commercial material or spam
  • engaging in harassing behavior such as sending or posting slanderous, sexual, threatening or patently offensive messages
  • activities that could interfere with or disrupt computer users, services, or equipment

2. All communications and information accessible via the Internet should be assumed to be private property. Copyright restrictions and licensing agreements may not be violated.

3. The Library uses Internet filtering software. Federal law requires that everyone age 16 and under use the filtering software.

4.  Because the library is a public place, staff has the authority to end an Internet session when the Internet Use Policy is violated. Internet access rights may be suspended or revoked by the Kentland-Jefferson Twp. Public Library staff at any time, without prior notice, for violation of the conditions of use set forth in this document. Kentland-Jefferson Twp. Public Library will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes abusive conduct or violation of the Kentland-Jefferson Twp. Public Library Internet Use Policy.

5. Use of the Internet by patrons may be monitored.

6. The Library reserves the right to limit the amount of time users may spend online.

In consideration for the privilege of using Kentland-Jefferson Twp. Public Library’s Internet access, users hereby release and hold harmless Kentland-Jefferson Twp. Public Library from any and all claims of any nature arising from their use, or inability to use, the Internet.

 Approved 7/14/2010

Reviewed 9/12/2012


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