Staff & board

Library Staff

Director:                            Roberta Dewing

Assistant Librarian:        Mary Brock

Children’s Librarian:     Ashlyn Lane

Clerk:                                   Penny Whaley

       Clerk:                                    Joanne Mendes

        Clerk:                                   Lori Wilson

Bookkeeper:                      Pam Heyde

Board Members

President:                     Robert Bernotas

Vice President:            Kendra Fredrickson

Secretary:                      Dr. Charles Haldeman

Treasurer:                     Kathy Holloway

Member:                        Rick Heyde

Member:                         Greg Hall

Member:                         Joan Hays

The library board meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 3:30 p.m.

Board meeting dates for 2017: Jan. 17th; March 21st; May 16th;  Aug.15th; Sept. 19th; Oct.17th; Dec. 12th.

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